China Supply Chain Executive Summit 2018 June 21-22, 2018 
Participating Enterprises, Governments and Associations

Unilever, BOE, Alibaba, OFO, Boeing,, China Huaneng Group, Yanjing Beer, BMW, Yili Group, 3M, Nike, COFCO, Intel, Michelin,Lining, Coca-Cola, Shell, Procter & Gamble, FOTON, L'Oreal, Samsung, PepsiCo, H & M, Tsinghua Tonngfanng Co, Master Kong, Wangfujing Group, Cisco, China tobacco, Kimberly-Clark, Mars, Starbucks, BYD, Dior,, Tsingtao Brewery, Xiaomi, HP, BASF, Richemont, Nestle, Haier, Stanley Paterson, Vestas,Estee Lauder, Sinopec, Adidas, Mengniu, Inditex, McDonald's, JCC, Swatch Group, Apple, Giant Tire, Gree, Family Mart, Chanel, ZTE, Vipshop, Schneider Electric, China Metallurgical Group, Huawei, Toyota, Rosen, Amazon, Shuanghui Group, Bailian, Laiyifen, GAP, Shanghai Pharmaceutical, Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson, Lenovo, Suning, CNPC, Philips, Midea, Masayoshi, Canon, Pfizer, GSK, Vanke Group, New Hope Liuhe, Ping An Bank, Ericsson, Foxconn, Mindray, China Resources Pharmaceutical group, Zoomlion...


l  19th CPC National Congress - Supply chain innovation-driven development of high quality, Building modern supply chains together

l  Supply Chain Globalization: Challenges and Responses

l  The Secret to Supply Chain Success: Achieving Agility & Flexibility in a Volatile Global Marketplace

l  S&OP Focus

l  The trends of Supply Chain Transparency in The information age

l  Prospects and trends of Supply Chain Finance

l  The Journey of End-to-End Supply Chain Mapping

l  Digital Trendsetters: the most successful digital supply chains

l  Creating Smart Supply Chains for the New Retail Era

l  Blockchain technology driven supply chain management reformation

l  How to integrate logistics network optimization into enterprise strategy

l  How the enterprises will make use of the shared economy and the data collaboration to Integration of logistics and warehousing

l  How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Supply Chain Game

China Supply Chain Executive Summit 2018 Beijing

After 19th CPC National Congress, clearly verify the trends of Supply chain innovation-driven development of high quality, Building modern supply chains together. The growing global power of Chinese companies, combined with the rapid expansion of domestic & Internal market, causing dramatic Supply chain strategy implications for businesses around the world.

China has moved from being a low-cost supplier to the center of the global supply chain. Thus, excellent Supply Chain management will be the key factor for enterprises to stand out. Diversification of China's market and Supply Chain environment leaves a lot of complicated problems to an increasing number of enterprises to face. How can we manage Supply Chain from multi-angle and multi-dimension? Based on the internationalization environment and the above questions, the new CSCES summit has formally started.

The 2018 China Supply Chain Executive Summit (CSCES 2018), organized by Conways Asia, will be held in Beijing, China during June 21-12, 2018 and supported by influential and authoritative associations, media and governments. And now after yearly and successfully held, the CSCES series summits have already been the landmark for supply chain area in Asia.

CSCES as the most influential Supply chain gala with a global perspective, in-depth discussion of the domestic and international Supply chain trends and issues. More than 500 Supply Chain, Logistic, Channel heads from industries like FMCG, electronics, E-commerce, Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, aerospace, etc. will gather for the superb opportunity for conversation, collaboration, and networking.