Dec 6th – 7Th Shanghai - CHINA / 2018年12月6-7日,中国上海

Attention! 6th of Dec (DAY ONE) is  Pharma Supply Chain & Cold Chain Innovation Summit

At the China Cold Chain & Innovation Summit, we will gather More Than 400 the top Food & Beverage, Chain Retail and Catering, Convenience stores, Supermarkets, Dairy Products, Fresh Fruit, Fresh e-commerce, Cold Chain logistic, Aquatic Products, Logistics Real Estate, 3PL, Pharma supply chain executives and suppliers to address end-to-end supply chain optimization and creating strategies to maintain temperature controlled products, remain compliant with regulatory agencies, optimize transportation routes, increase collaboration through change management, and Application of new technologies ( AI, IOT, Blockchain, etc.).

Let us copolymerization in Shanghai to make a wonderful future for Cold Chain!

The market demand for food & pharma cold chain is on a steady rise in the wake of rapid development of China's economy, the accelerated process of urbanization as well as the changes in the structure of residents' food consumption. In the meantime, the governments at all level have been investing more in construction of cold chain infrastructure, being conductive to the fast development of cold chain logistics.

If based on cold chain circulation transport, fruits & vegetables cold chain is the biggest market segment for the moment, while the demand for cold chain of aquatic products is growing rapidly. With the growing maturity of cold chain technologies, these two kinds of products will seize more market shares. Additionally, pharmaceuticals, particularly vaccines, blood products and diagnostic reagents will be a key growth engine of cold chain logistics.

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DAY ONE - Morning

DAY TWO - Morning (Pharma)

Create a Cold Chain New Ecology and meets China's New Era

New Consumption Drives Cold Chain Innovation Upgrading

Optimizing your Global Cold Chain Import & Exports from Farm to Factory to fork

Digital Trendsetters: Transforming Supply Chains by Doing Digital Differently

Orchestrating a Cold Chain Competitive Edge - Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

Execution analysis of one-vote and two-vote system implemented in Pharmaceutical logistics

Digital transformation for Upstream Supply Chain Integration

Mastering the Balancing Act Between Cost & Risk to Remain Compliant and Within Budget

Golden rules when selecting your temperature control method

End-to-end intelligent cold chain management mode

DAY ONE - Afternoon

DAY TWO - Afternoon (Pharma)

How A Company Can Effectively Manage Food Safety Across Its Supply Chain

Analyzing the trade-offs involved in optimizing different parts of the cold chain

New retail: Raising Cold chain performance to new levels

AI, IOT & Blockchain : Hot Technologies in the Cold Chain

Trend of cross-industry integration - Efficient resource management and matching

Supply Chain Finance Empower Cold Chain Development

Choosing Optimal Packaging to Ensure Product Integrity and Move Towards Sustainability

Supply Chain Platform System Construction and Resource Sharing in Big Data Era

Leveraging new Technologies like IOT, AI, Cloud, and Blockchain across New Products Driving the Digital Reinvention

Cold Chain System Construction and Development Trends in IVD industry

Opportunities & Challenges - Rapid Growth  of China Pharmaceutical E-commerce


China Institute of FTZ Supply Chain

China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing

COFCO Womai – VP

Nestle – SVP Supply Chain (Greater China Region)

Yurun Group – GM of Supply Chain Management Center

Bright Food Group – DGM Of Strategic Planning

AstraZeneca – Global Supply Chain Director

Nongfu Spring – GM of Supply Chain & Logistics

Staples - Vice President, Merchandising & Supply Chain

COFCO Fulinmen - GM of Supply Chain

Mondelez International – End to End Supply Network Design Lead

Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group – GM of Logistics

Cargill – Asia Supply Chain Head