China Supply Chain Executive Summit 2021 Shenzhen & Shanghai


The China Supply Chain Executive Summit (CSCES2021) serves as an annual platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on the impact of market dynamics and new technologies for current and future supply chain & operations leaders. CSCES2021 organized by Conways Asia, will be held in Shenzhen & Shanghai in 2021 and it is supported by influential and authoritative associations, media and governments. Now after yearly and successfully held, the CSCES series summits have already been the landmark for supply chain area in Asia. Dates below,

SUMMIT ONE: Aug. 5th -6th, 2021 | Shenzhen, China

Aug. 5th focus on High tech industry

Aug. 6th focus on Consumer goods & Retail industry

SUMMIT TWO: Nov. 18th-19th, 2021 | Shanghai, China

In the context of rapid economic globalization, market competition has become increasingly fierce. It is no longer a pure competition between enterprises. It is an ecosystem battle based on the supply chain. Supply chain management has been evolving continuously in changes since its inception. Establishing an efficient supply chain has become a problem that business operators have to face and consider.

The supply chain is a chain that can run through all links from production to manufacturing and sales. Each enterprise or individual is a section of this chain. The development of the supply chain has gone through the logistics management stage, the value-added stage, and the network chain stage. So far, Supply Chain has successfully broken through the traditional and advanced to the digital direction.

Based on the internationalization environment and the above situation, the new CSCES has formally started.

CSCES as the most influential Supply chain gala with a global perspective, in-depth discussion of the domestic and international supply chain trends and issues. More than 450 Supply Chain, Logistic, Planning, Purchase, Channel heads from different industries, such as High tech, FMCG, Electronics, E-commerce, Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, aerospace, etc. will gather for the superb opportunity for conversation, collaboration, and networking.

Thought-provoking topics

- The China 14th Five-Year Plan:  How Creating a Closed-Loop Supply Chain

- Supply Chain Innovation: Properly Responding to Change

- Lead Supply Chain Down the Road to Digital Success

- The layout logic transform of global supply chains

- How Coronavirus Could Impact the Industry Chain & Supply Chain

- Preparing For Supply Chain Transformation: Getting Your Data And Technology Houses In Order

- S&OP + S&OE & IBP: the key to driving supply chain agility

- Supply Chain Collaboration – The New Way to Drive Value!

- Manufacturing Digitalization: RPA a Key Enabler of Industry 4.0

- Unlocking new abilities in procurement with the next generation of technologies

- Digital logistics empowers efficient supply chain

- remaining resilient and keeping up with fast-changing market conditions

- Thinking: Transformation and upgrading from traditional supply chain (corporate supply chain) to emerging supply chain (social supply chain) in the new era

- How to start the era of full-Supply Chain digital intelligence?

- Innovate to Transform: Last Mile Delivery Strategies for The Future

- Digitalization leads new cross-border e-commerce  in the Post-COVID-19 Era

- Smart warehousing, increasing the response rate of the supply chain

- AI + 5G Are the Next Big Thing in Supply Chain

- Creating an effective reverse supply chain

- Achieving target service levels while optimizing inventory

- Fulfillment strategies in the age of direct-to-consumer demands

Previous Speakers Review

Dell – VP of Global Supply Chain Operations

COFCO – GM of Supply Chain


COFCO Womai - VP

Nestle – SVP – Supply Chain (Greater China Region)

Bright Food Group – DGM Of Strategic Planning

Nokia – Head of Nokia Manufacturing and Delivery Procurement & SNE Transformation Officer

Lining - CIO

Autoliv – VP of Global Purchasing & Supply Chain

Midea Group – Assistant President & GM of Meicloud

Continental – Executive Director Supply Chain Management

AstraZeneca – Global Supply Chain Director

Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group (CAG) - GM of Logistics

Nongfu Spring – GM of Supply Chain & Logistics

Inspur – GM of Supply Chain Manufacturing Products

China Vanke – DGM of Purchasing Management Dept.

Staples China – VP of Merchandising & Supply Chain

Wanhua Chemical - GM of Sourcing

Covestro – Global Supply Chain Director

Wangfujing Group - Group President Assistant and General Manager of Omni-Channel Center

Mobike – Head of Supply Chain & Purchasing Management


Participating Enterprises, Government and Associations

Blue Moon, Luxshare, Alibaba, TCL, Vipshop, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, Jumei Youpin, China General Nuclear Power, China Southern Power Grid, Snow Beer, BYD, Vitasoy, Gree, Skechers, Vanke, Mindray Medical, China Nanhai Petroleum, Ping An, Galanz Group, Zhengwei, Danone, Wrigley, Shell, Procter & Gamble, Foxconn, Xu Fuji, L'Oreal, Mulinsen, Pepsi Group, H&M, Haitian Seasoning Food, China Biopharmaceuticals, Master Kong Group, Tianyin Communications, Cisco, Cedar Holding Group, China Tobacco, Colgate-Palmolive, Kimberly-Clark, Mars, Starbucks, GAC, Skyworth, JD.com, Desai Group, Healthyuan Pharmaceutical, Xiaomi, Hewlett-Packard, Dongpeng Holdings, Liby, China Resources Pharmaceutical, Guangzhou Aluminum Group , Nestle, GE, Tianma Microelectronics, Sophia Home Furnishing, MINISO, Huike Shares, Estee Lauder, Zhongshun Jierou Paper, Opal Home Furnishing Group, By-Health, Estee Lauder, Mengniu, Sunsea Intelligent, Hitachi Elevator, Yinlong New Energy, Swatch Group, APPLE, Oufeiguang, Gree, FamilyMart, Xingfa Aluminum, Xuji Food, ZTE, Guangdong Youdao Automobile, Rainbow Shopping Mall, China Metallurgical Group, Huawei, Toyota, Kangmei Pharmaceutical , Renrenle Chain Commercial Group, Hisense Appliance Group, Tongrentang, Amazon, Shuanghui, Yihai Kerry, Chigo Holdings, Zhaochi, Fosun Pharma, Xinwangda Electronics, GAP, Jingwang Electronics, Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson, China Resources Guangdong Pharmaceutical , Suning, PetroChina, Hytera Communications, Midea, Zhengwei, Guangzhou Nanling Motors, Wen's Food Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Ping An Bank, Ericsson, Nine Dragons Paper, Vantage, China Resources Pharmaceutical, Zoomlion ...


“中国供应链高层峰会2021”(CSCES2021)由Conways Asia 主办,将于2021年举办两场。为期两天的供应链高层峰会,届时也得到具有国际影响力及专业权威性的政府、协会、媒体等的联合支持。

峰会一:2021年8月5-6日 | 中国 深圳站



峰会二:2021年11月18-19日 | 中国 上海站

CSCES作为亚太地区最具影响力的供应链盛会,视野定位全球,对接国内外环境,注重实操话题的深入探讨, 是年度性的供应链交流平台,为现在和未来供应链的运营领导者们提供市场动态和新技术的影响交流的盛会。包括行业有:医药、医疗器械、汽车、金融、航天航空、快销品、食品、电子、人工智能、大数据等等。CSCES中将超过450多位受邀的参会嘉宾,他们均是来自全球各大企业中的决策人物。2021年7月深圳、10月上海,期待与您共襄盛举。





*十四五规划 - 如何打造产业链供应链闭环?

*供应链创新 : 如何快速应对变化





*S&OP + S&OE & IBP, 敏捷性供应链的关键点






*新时代下的传统供应链(企业供应链) 到 新兴供应链(社会供应链)的转型与升级





*为适应未来的全渠道模式 重建供应链体系

*拥抱AI + 5G,助力供应链降本增效





























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All above is a brief introduction, more information and agenda; please contact us.

Organizer | 主办方: Conways Asia